Key Items When Considering Funding Options

Used courtesy of NRCS. NM NRCS staff survey a burned area after the Track Fire.Fundraising after a wildfire can be confusing and time consuming. Below are key points to consider when deciding which funding opportunities to apply for. For information on funding sources, visit 'Who Can Help'.

  • Evaluate timelines for applying: Does it make sense for you or your community to apply given deadlines? What is due when? Is your community prepared to meet the requirements of the grant in the time required?
  • Timeline of funding availability: You might be able to apply today, but when will the funding be made available to you? How much money will you or your community need to spend before being reimbursed, and where will it come from? Funds from grants may take a year or more to arrive, or are available on a reimbursement-only basis. Even if a funding source is labeled ‘emergency’ funding, it may take a long time to become available. Before you spend a lot of time on an application, make sure the timeline for funding distribution works for your situation.
  • Recordkeeping requirements: Make sure you know the recordkeeping requirements for each funding source, such as compliance reports, accounting and audit obligations, photos, and receipts. Can you or your community meet these requirements? Demonstrating that you can follow these requirements is crucial for a successful application, for receiving funding, and for financial compliance. Additionally, you must follow federal and state procurement guidelines for government grants or your funding may be taken back.

  • Funding Restrictions: Make sure that receiving funding from one resource does not limit other important options. Different funding programs have different rules (e.g. one program may require a 25% local match, another a 50% local match.) Ask lots of questions. For example, receiving some federal funding may disqualify you for other federal grants. The New Mexico Department of Homeland Security’s Hazard Mitigation Unified Guidance describes the rules and restrictions for FEMA disaster mitigation grants. Click here for contact information for the hazard mitigation officer who can help familiarize you with the requirements for FEMA funding.

Financial Tips