Site Disclaimer

This guide is a collaborative work by land management agencies and local government organizations in New Mexico. It is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not intended to substitute for legal or professional advice. The material in this guide was compiled to help community leaders find the best currently available information in one place for communities that have experienced a destructive wildfire. Readers should be aware that such information is subject to change over time and will not apply to all communities or all post-fire situations.

We recognize that the range of assistance offered to communities and individuals in New Mexico may not meet all of the many needs that can arise after a wildfire. Gaps in services and financial assistance do exist. This guide attempts to communicate to communities and individuals the ‘lessons learned’ from other New Mexico communities, outline what help is currently available, and provide some information on rehabilitation practices that may be employed after a wildfire has occurred. We hope this guide assists you on your journey of recovery from a destructive wildfire.

We welcome your feedback on this guide.