Post-Fire Treatments

Post wildfire photo 2

The danger isn't over once a wildfire has passed. Flooding and erosion caused by uncontrolled runoff from denuded slopes can severely impact downstream lands and structures. Because of these secondary fire effects, post-fire treatments are a critical part of a wildfire response plan. 

This section will introduce different types of post-fire treatments that can be used on hillslopes, in channels, and along roads and trails. For each treatment the entry describes what it is, why and where it's used, and its effectiveness as reported in the scientific literature. 

  • Before considering treatments, ask what are the priority values at risk in my community? Be wary of a 'solution in search of a problem.' Focus on the identified priority values.
  • Click here for a table of treatment comparisons to compare your goal with effective methods.
  • See the 'Who Can Help' section for potential sources of technical and financial assistance for post-fire treatments.
  • A PDF version of the treatments outlined here is available.
Post-Fire Treatments