Pueblos and Tribes: USACE Tribal Partnership Program

This is an authority that enables the Corps to assist on a reconnaissance study of various water resources and related issues.

What is it? This is a study authority that enables the Corps to spend up to 100K on a reconnaissance study of various water resources and related issues. Specified topics include flood damage reduction, environmental restoration and protection, watershed planning, cultural resources studies, and “such other projects as the Secretary determines to be appropriate,” thus opening the door to many potential kinds of study. Additionally, there are individual authorities for specific projects or programs that are included in Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) laws by Congress as a result of requests from constituents. Some of these apply exclusively to Tribes.

Who Can Apply? USACE resources through this program can only be requested by Tribal governments, and can only occur once Tribal and local governments have committed all available resources (i.e., workforce, supplies, funds, etc.). Assistance can be requested anytime.

Are Matching Funds Required? Yes, if a Federal interest is identified during the reconnaissance phase, a feasibility or watershed assessment cost-share agreement is signed and the project moves into the next phase. Typically, the cost share is 50/50 and in-kind contributions are allowed; watershed planning, however, is cost-shared 75/25. The Bureau of Indian Affairs must be contacted during the course of a study.

When can assistance be requested?
Assistance can be requested at anytime.

When Can I Expect To Receive My Funds?
Funds are allocated based on the available national budget and allocated based on assigned rank at USACE Headquarters.

Contact Information:
Contact Name:
Ronald Kneebone
Phone Number:
505-342-3355  or the main line at 505-342-3100