US Army Corps of Engineers: Emergency Flood Protection

The USACE can provide emergency assistance during flood events. USACE emergency assistance is intended, by law, to be temporary in order to meet immediate threats.

What is it? Under Public Law 84-99, USACE can provide emergency assistance during flood events. USACE emergency assistance is intended, by law, to be temporary in order to meet immediate threats. USACE can provide technical assistance to State and local governments with regard to emergency preparedness and planning activities. Assistance is intended for State and local agencies to develop contingency plans, evacuation plans, and exercises to lend expertise in both areas.

Post-Flood Response: Following a flood event, but prior to a Presidential declaration pursuant to the Stafford Act, USACE may provide Post-Flood Response assistance. Post-Flood Response activities are limited to actions necessary to save lives and protect public facilities, and residential or commercial developments. Post-Flood Response assistance by USACE can include clearance of debris from transportation routes, critical infrastructure, and water courses when it is required to prevent loss of life or significant damage to public property. A written request for Post-Flood Response from the Governor of a State to the USACE District Commander must be provided concurrently with or immediately after the Governor's request for a Presidential disaster declaration under the Stafford Act. This request must indicate that the recovery work is beyond the capability of the State to accomplish; identify specific damage locations; and detail specific requirements for USACE assistance. USACE assistance may be provided for a maximum of ten (10) days from the date of receipt of the Governor’s request for assistance. No work, including contract work, can be performed after the 10-day period expires. No work can be initiated if a Presidential declaration request is denied.

Advance Measures: USACE may build Advance Measures flood damage reduction projects on a case-by-case basis. Specific areas that have been impacted by forest fires leaving denuded terrains will be considered based on National Weather Service forecasted rainfall models and expected impacts to life and improved property. USACE may perform Advance Measures prior to flooding or flood fighting activities to protect against and mitigate loss of life and significant damages to urban areas, public facilities, and/or critical infrastructure. Advance Measures must be in response to an “imminent threat of unusual flooding” with the potential to approach an area's flood of record, a catastrophic level of flooding, or a greater than 50-year level of flooding. Activities are limited to the protection of life and the protection of public facilities/infrastructure in imminent danger of flooding, and the law specifically excludes assistance to individual homeowners and businesses, including agricultural property.

Who Can Apply? USACE resources can only be requested by a State Emergency Management Agency or by Tribal governments, and can only occur once State, Tribal and local governments have committed all available resources (i.e., workforce, supplies, equipment, funds, National Guard assets, etc.).

When Can I Expect To Receive My Funds?: Funding availability is subject to the budget cycle.

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